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Were one to videotape a person for years, wouldn’t one be shortening the latter’s “active” life by the same amount of time, since the one who was videotaped will be highly tempted to watch the tapes, especially if they are of his childhood, the period covered for the most part by infantile amnesia. The one who was extensively videotaped asked his father or uncle: “Why did you rob me of the ability to forget, thus making me sick?” This video establishes a companionship of the viewer with the diegetic character not through inducing an identification of the former with the latter, but by having the viewer and the diegetic character partake of time together. For the duration of the single-shot scene titled “Still Life with 12 Minutes and Sounds,” while the videotaped sleeper is probably watching a projection, namely the dream, reciprocally the spectator becomes a still life.

— "né @ Beyrouth" Festival, Beirut, 23 August 2005.

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